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We are the leading online mobile repair service provider with tendering world class mobile phone repairing services for all branded smartphones & tablets, across India. It does not matter, what sort of fault has stricken mobile or tablet, from repairing minor mobic faults like signal issues to repairing serious issues like motherboard repair, we can fix them all in no time. We accommodate easy branded repairing for all brands mobile phones including Samsung repair, OnePlus, Karbbon, Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Gionee, Max, Letv, Blackberry, ASUS, Vivo, etc and serves as an iPad service center with offering top notched Apple/iPad troubleshooting.

We Offer
All Brand Mobile Phone Repair Center
Mobile Overheat Problem

With Overheat Problem Striking Every Second Mobile Phone, We Furnish Premium Quality Repair For This Sort Of Mobile Issues In No Time.

Signal Issues

It Might Sound A Minor Fault, But It Can Really Trouble User With Its All Regular Irrelevant Troubles. We Promises Quality Phone Repair.

Motherboard Issue

It Is One Of Complex Fault In Any Mobile, & Hence Our Expert’s Technicians Repair Defective Motherboard With Utmost Care.

Water Damage Repair

It Does Not Matter Whether It Is One Splash,
One Spill Or Full Immersion In Pool,
We Can Still Repair It.

Cracked Screen

From Minor Mobile Crack To Major Cracks,
We Fix All Mobile Screen Repair With
Fastest Turnaround Time.

Power Issues

We Fix Complex Faults Including
Mobile Stopped Turning On Or
Keeps Restarting.